Who Owns World Wide Technology Raceway?

Curtis Francois, the company’s owner and CEO, earned the Innovator Award from the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission in 2018 for his efforts in reviving World Wide Technology Raceway (formerly known as Gateway Motorsports Park). Francois will be the owner and CEO of WWTR for the tenth year in 2021.

Similarly, Who is Curtis Francois?

Curtis Francois has been selected Comcast Community Champion of the Year for the year 2021. PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — Curtis Francois, owner of World Wide Technology Raceway, was named the seventh annual Comcast Community Champion of the Year today.

Also, it is asked, What companies own NASCAR tracks?

Daytona International Speedway, Talladega Superspeedway, Darlington Raceway, and Homestead-Miami Speedway are among the 12 NASCAR circuits owned by ISC. Its properties range from New York to California, and ISC, along with Speedway Motorsports Inc., is one of two main facility firms that stage NASCAR races.

Secondly, When did Gateway Raceway open?

Also, Who owns Rockingham Speedway?

Rockingham Properties LLC is a real estate company based in Rockingham, Virginia Owner of Rockingham Speedway

People also ask, Who owns Charlotte Motor Speedway?

Motorsports on Speedways Owner of Charlotte Motor Speedway Speedway Motorsports, LLC is an American corporation that owns and operates auto racing venues that feature NASCAR, IndyCar, NHRA, World of Outlaws, and other racing events. The company’s headquarters are in Concord, North Carolina, just north of Charlotte, North Carolina. Wikipedia

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How many people does the World Wide Technology Raceway seat?

Capacity: 78,000 World Wide Technology Raceway

How long is the World Wide Technology Raceway?

St. Louis Region, September – When NASCAR officials today handed the 1.25-mile track in metropolitan St. Louis a highly wanted date on the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series calendar, it reaffirmed its position as a major racing site.

Does Richard Petty still attend NASCAR races?

Richard Petty, who is famed for his iconic cowboy hat and moniker “The King,” hasn’t raced in the NASCAR Cup Series in 30 years. Nonetheless, the 84-year-old makes it to the racetrack, demonstrating his endurance and passion for the sport.

Where is the NASCAR Gateway race?

The World Technology Raceway

Does NASCAR own Watkins Glen?

Watkins Glen International, Daytona International Speedway, Talladega Superspeedway, Darlington Raceway, and Homestead-Miami Speedway are among the 12 NASCAR venues owned by ISC.

Who owns Carolina Speedway?

Mike Fulp, the owner of Stokes County’s half-mile 311 Speedway, made the offer on Facebook Marketplace on Wednesday: “Buy y

Is Rockingham coming back to NASCAR?

With $9 million, Rockingham Speedway is one step closer to resuming NASCAR competition. The state budget for North Carolina includes race tracks. North Wilkesboro Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway, and Rockingham Speedway will get funds.

Who owns Sonoma Raceway?

Inc. Speedway Motorsports

What is speedway stock worth?

52-Week High19.90Last Price19.78Key Turning Points 61.8 percent Fibonacci 17.44 50 percent Fibonacci 16.68 38.2 percent Fibonacci 15.931 rows to go.

Which race tracks does Bruton Smith own?

Smith’s Speedway Motorsports Inc. now owns eight NASCAR circuits in the United States: Charlotte, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Bristol, New Hampshire, Texas, Kentucky, and Sonoma (Calif.). Each year, they host 13 of NASCAR’s 38 Sprint Cup races. Of course, Smith is more than simply a racetrack owner.

What is the fastest NASCAR track?

Because of its wide, sweeping corners, long straightaways, and lack of a restrictor plate requirement, Michigan is the fastest track in NASCAR; typical qualifying speeds exceed 200 mph (320 km/h), and corner entry speeds range from 215 to 220 mph (346 to 354 km/h) following the track’s repaving in 2012.

What is the longest NASCAR track?

Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Alabama is the largest NASCAR oval. Its length is 2.66 miles. Road America near Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, is the longest of all NASCAR courses. The 4.048-mile road track features the NASCAR Cup Series and NASCAR Xfinity Series once a year.

Is there a NASCAR race in Illinois?

The Enjoy Illinois 300 will be the name of the NASCAR Cup Series event that will take place at World Wide Technology Raceway. The Illinois Office of Tourism is the event’s sponsor. The event will take place on Sunday, J, and it is expected to draw a lot of attention and money to the St. Louis region.

What racetrack is in St Louis?

Hours, Address, and Reviews for Gateway International Raceway in East Saint Louis: 4/5.

Has Richard Petty remarried?

Richard Petty / Spouse Lynda Petty (m. 1959–2014)

Who is Richard Petty’s wife?

Richard Petty / Wife Lynda Petty (m. 1959–2014)

What is the Winston Cup called now?

The “Winston Cup Grand National Series” was the new moniker for NASCAR’s top stock car racing series. NASCAR had a considerable gain in national notoriety during the Winston Cup Era.

Where is the gateway dirt nationals?

St. Louis, Missouri, downtown

How big is the gateway dirt track?

What is the name of the race track in Madison Illinois?

The World Technology Raceway

Will NASCAR allow fans at Watkins Glen?

“We are happy to welcome fans back to Watkins Glen International at full capacity after approval from New York state government and health inspectors,” the racetrack stated in a statement. “Fans are our lifeblood, and their presence on the track gives the sport its atmosphere and spirit.”

Why did f1 leave Watkins Glen?

For the following 20 years, the circuit became a fan favorite and the permanent home of the US Grand Prix, often hosting the season finale. Watkins Glen, however, fell into financial difficulties, and when the organizers failed to pay prize money for the 1980 event, the circuit was dropped from the schedule, never to be seen again.

Is Watkins Glen a road race?

Drive The Glen and see Watkins Glen International as you’ve never seen it before! Discover what it’s like to drive around the 3.45-mile Grand Prix track in your own vehicle [unfortunately, no motorbikes, RVs, or motorcoaches] while being paced by an official WGI pace car.

How long is Watkins Glen International Raceway?

In your own car, experience the famed 3.45-mile course’s twists and turns! For the weekend of Go Bowling at The Glen, rent with RVshare!

Who created Watkins Glen State Park?

The State of New York sold 325,000 acres of property near the southern end of Seneca Lake to John Watkins and Roy Flint of New York City in 1794, including what is now Watkins Glen State Park. Watkins built many mills at Watkins Glen (formerly known as Big Gully), including a sawmill and a gristmill.

Who built Watkins Glen State Park?

The Background The Watkins family owned the property and erected mills in the late 1800s. Samuel Watkins, who inherited the land in the late 1820s, dammed the upper canyon and erected a grain mill at the gorge’s entrance.


The “curtis francois net worth” is a racing track that has been hosting the NASCAR Cup Series since 2004. The track is owned by International Speedway Corporation and it was originally built in 1950.

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