What Is Atft Technology?

Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology is referred to as ATFT. Tumbling motion is referred to as tumble flow. With this method, the air-fuel combination tumbles or somersaults into the engine cylinder. Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology has the benefit of facilitating more effective fuel combustion.

Similarly, What is ATFT technology used in honda?

Advanced tumble induction Technology is referred to as ATFT. The air-fuel mixture is tumbled by this technique, which improves fuel economy. The air-fuel combination is given a spinning motion by ATFT, which improves the air-fuel mixture.

Also, it is asked, How is tumble created in an engine?

By regulating valve timing, manifold setup, and piston movement, tumble is produced within the combustion chamber. At 330 crank angle degrees, the maximum tumble ratio is reached. The tumble ratio is smaller for the bowl-in-piston design than for the flat piston.

Secondly, What is ASFS in bike?

How Does ASFS In Bikes Work? Advanced Swirl Flow Induction System is referred to as ASFS. The air-fuel combination in the engine generates a swirling motion to increase combustion for high efficiency in the motorcycles. This is similar to DTS-SI technology. As an illustration of ASFS technology, see HERO GLAMOUR.

Also, Which series engine has ATFT?

both efficiency and performance The Honda Unicorn and Hero Honda CBZ X-149.2 treme’s cc (9.10 cu in) engines are utilized in the Hunk. These engines use Advanced Tumble-Flow induction Technology (ATFT), which the manufacturer says will lower pollution and fuel consumption.

People also ask, What is tumble in IC engine?

The incoming air/fuel charge’s rotation in IC engines, known as tumble, occurs on a four-valve head in a plane that is roughly normal to the crankshaft. Higher compression ratios may be used on swirl-port and tumble-port heads with less ignition advance.

Related Questions and Answers

What is swirl and tumble?

As seen in Fig., swirl and tumble are ordered flow patterns in which air or a combination of fuel and air rotates along axes that are parallel to the motion of the cylinder and perpendicular to the motion of the piston, respectively.

What is tumble effect?

A large-scale spinning flow created during the late intake phase is referred to as a tumble motion. has its axis of rotation parallel to the piston’s direction of motion. Tumbling causes the flow to be compressed.

How swirl is generated?

By introducing an intake flow into the cylinder with an initial angular momentum, swirl is produced. In CI engine ideas, swirl is employed to encourage quicker mixing of the injected fuel and inducted air charge. In two-stroke engines, swirl enhances scavenging and is also utilized to speed up the combustion process.

What is SI engine turbulence?

High shear flows that happen throughout the intake phase and/or at top dead center (TDC) of the compression stroke for engines with significant squish areas cause the turbulent field in an engine (i.e. a region of small clearance between the cylinder head and the piston crown).

What is swirl in diesel engine?

Swirl is a crucial air motion pattern that is often seen in diesel engines; it has a substantial influence on heat transmission, combustion quality, and engine-raw emissions in addition to the fuel-air mixing and combustion processes. Circulation around the cylinder axis is referred to as a swirl.

What is combustion tumble?

An efficient way to increase turbulence intensity before ignition is to introduce tumble into the combustion chamber. This will speed up burn rates, stabilize the combustion, and prolong the dilution limit.

What is a tumble ratio?

The immediate solid body equivalent angular velocity to engine angular velocity ratio is known as the tumble ratio.

What is the full form of i3S?

Ma. New Delhi: Hero MotoCorp, the biggest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world, has released the brand-new “Splendor iSmart” with “i3S Technology” in line with its commitment to provide groundbreaking technology for consumers across segments (Idle Stop and Start System)

Does squish affect compression?

A frequent issue brought on by having a low squish value is the loosening of the cylinder head nuts as a result of pre-ignition detonation (knock) brought on by having too little squish, which inadvertently raises the engine’s compression level.

How Swirl will improve the engine performance?

Swirl generators cause the swirl flow in the combustion chamber to rise (Johnson, 2016). More vigorous swirling throughout the combustion phase results in more potent and effective burning.

What do you mean by diesel knock?

diesel squeal (countable and uncountable, plural diesel knocks) When delayed ignition results in unexpectedly high pressures, diesel engines repeatedly knock.

What is piston recess?

The bottom surface of the piston has a recess created for the lubrication oil. As measured in the bosses’ axial direction, the recess is wide. The breadth of the skirts, as determined by measuring them in the bosses’ axial direction, is such that it is less than the width of the recess.

What is open chamber?

A common technique for determining soil CO2 efficiency is an open dynamic chamber. However, any uncontrolled air movement between the chamber’s interior and outside that is caused by variations in the input and outflow rates might result in mistakes.

Why is turbulence important in combustion?

Turbulence effectively combines fluids, bringing together reactants that may ignite and burn.

How do I stop my SI engine from knocking?

Knocking in spark ignition engines may be decreased by raising the temperature of the cooling water. slowing the progress of the spark. raising the temperature of the intake air

What are the two types of injector nozzles?

There are two primary categories of injection nozzles produced: Most engines with indirect fuel injection employ pin nozzles with the designations DC or DN (engines with precombustion chamber) In engines with indirect fuel injection, hole nozzles with the designations DO, DL, DOP, and DLLA are utilized.

What is the effect of humidity on knocking?

It is obvious that the Knock Limited Spark Timing (KLST), as it is termed in practice, significantly increases as air’s water content rises. This leads us to the conclusion that the presence of water vapor significantly boosts the gaseous fuel/air mixture’s resistance to knocking.

What causes turbulence in an IC engine?

Modified pistons are the source of turbulence. The tilting effect is likely caused by turbulence, which also improves mixing. The combustion chamber’s turbulence homogenizes the charge and makes the fuel more combustible. Therefore, the modified piston has a 2 percent higher brake thermal efficiency than the standard piston.

What are the various method of producing turbulence in CI engine combustion chamber?

WAYS TO GENERATE TURBULENCE Although FUEL INJECTION produces some turbulence, it is insufficient for effective combustion. Scavenging-air PORTS are positioned and built in 2-stroke cycle engines such that the intake air enters the cylinder in a whirling or circular motion.

What is two stroke squish?

If you’ve come here, you probably already know what squish is, but it won’t hurt to give you a little primer: The combustion chamber’s exterior, also known as the “squish crown,” “squish band,” or “squish ring,” is fashioned differently from the real “dome” such that it is just a millimeter away from it.


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