Cases Where Local Communities Use Modern Technology to Preserve and Revise Their Traditions?


Similarly, When indigenous peoples are incorporated into modern nation states they usually become part of the impoverished classes?

When indigenous peoples are assimilated into contemporary nation-states, they often become members of the lower classes. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has risen to its greatest level in 400,000 years, upsetting the balance of radiative forcings that warm and cool the world.

Also, it is asked, What describes the linkages in the modern world that have both enlarged and erased old boundaries and distinctions?

THE POSTMODERN CONDITION: The current global system’s interconnections have simultaneously increased and eliminated ancient limits and differences.

Secondly, How does the modern world system affect ethnographers?

What is the impact of the current global system on ethnographers? They must understand that whatever culture they are studying is impacted by and influences other civilizations. What phrase describes money or resources put into a firm with the goal of making a profit? You just finished learning 39 terms!

Also, What does the domestic public dichotomy refer to?

The separation of home and outside world is referred to as the domestic-public dichotomy. More over half of all poor families in the United States are mixed.

People also ask, What are the common characteristics of indigenous peoples in the country?

They have a close connection to territory and natural resources in the area. They each have their own set of social, economic, and political systems. They have their own language, culture, and religious beliefs. The state has marginalized them and discriminated against them.

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Why have anthropologists expanded their study beyond local communities more than in the past?

Why have anthropologists now broadened their research outside local communities? People are relocating more often and going further than in the past. The lines between established limits, divisions, categories, and canons are blurring and collapsing.

Which of the following cultural abilities have been found among chimpanzees and or other apes?

Which of the following cultural skills have been discovered in chimps and apes? They hunt, make nests, and aim and fling sticks.

Which of the following are most likely to happen if urban slums continue to expand?

If urban slums continue to grow, which of the following is most likely to happen? -Crime will increase.

What changes did workers instigate in response to industrialization in England?

What changes did workers in England bring about as a result of industrialization? Workers formed associations to safeguard their rights. What exactly does the phrase “Colombian exchange” mean? strong collective forces capable of mobilizing human energy to alter history’s trajectory

How did Karl Marx view the idea of social classes?

Marx, Karl. Marx’s social theory is centered on the idea of class, since it is the social classes produced within a specific mode of production that tend to establish a certain kind of state, generate political struggles, and bring about substantial changes in the structure of society.

What is the modern world system divided by?

THE TRIPARTITE WORLD ORGANIZATION. The world-system of Wallerstein separates the world’s countries and territory into three categories: core, periphery, and semiperipheral (in the past some areas remained external to the system). Within the capitalist global economy, these normative units are systemic and relational.

What is the patrilineal Patrilocal complex?

The patrilineal-patrilocal complex gathers related men in communities, strengthening their military alliances. 2. This combination tends to boost male prestige chances while also resulting in a significant gender stratification (e.g., highland Papua-New Guinea).

When a widower marries the sister of his deceased wife it is referred to as?

A widower should, or in rare situations must, marry his dead wife’s sister, according to sororate. Sir James George Frazer, a British anthropologist, coined the phrase, which originates from the Latin word soror, which means “sister.”

What does ego stand for in the depiction of the kinship system?

In a portrayal of a kinship structure, what does ego mean? The starting point for determining which kin words go where.

What are the different challenges faced by Indigenous groups in the Philippines?

Non-representation at all levels of society, a lack of education, poverty, and prejudice are all common issues.

What are the 3 main groups of Indigenous Peoples?

If a person is First Nations (North American Indian), Métis, or Inuk, they are classified as Aboriginal (Inuit). The Constitution Act of 1982, Section 35, defines the Aboriginal peoples of Canada as the following three groups (2). A person may belong to more than one of these three categories.

Why is it important to preserve Indigenous cultures?

Third, Indigenous Peoples contribute to environmental protection, climate change mitigation, and catastrophe resilience, but their rights are not always respected. Despite owning, occupying, or using a quarter of the world’s surface area, Indigenous Peoples protect 80% of the world’s surviving biodiversity.

How can you preserve indigenous practices?

There are nine methods to promote indigenous people’s rights. Concentrate on the most important things. Include indigenous people in land use negotiations. Apply the legislation to secure the protection of land rights. Increase public awareness. Recognize their contribution to environmental protection. Close the gap between policy and implementation.

How many indigenous communities are there in the world?

There are over 5,000 Indigenous countries worldwide. Larger ethnic groups have colonized indigenous peoples’ homelands in the past, justifying their actions with claims of racial and religious superiority, land usage, or economic opportunity.

Who is indigenous to New Zealand?

The Mori are New Zealand’s indigenous people (New Zealand). Despite New Zealand’s adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Maori population’s rights remain unmet.

How and why do people participate in global processes and local communities simultaneously quizlet?

How and why do individuals engage in global and local activities at the same time? Protests allow people to engage in global and local processes at the same time.

How are anthropologists contributing to solutions to environmental challenges?

Anthropologists look at the anthropogenic factors that cause climate change, the governance structures in place to cope with climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the human consequences of global warming.

Which is an the example of how rural populations are affected by globalization?

People in rural areas learn about global concerns through watching television. By adhering to the same cultural norms and traditions, rural inhabitants oppose globalization. People in rural areas buy pricey things that are promoted on television.

Which is an example of culture in chimpanzees?

Chimpanzee culture includes anything from social traditions like how they hold their hands during grooming to how males exhibit their sexuality to the equipment they use for splitting nuts or ant-dipping. According to one early research, there are as many as 39 distinct behaviors that might be culturally variable.

What evidence is there that monkeys and apes have culture?

While nonhuman primates do not have evident cultural traditions like humans do, such as wearing different clothes or adding additional spice to their meals, primatologists have discovered behavioral behaviors that differ across groups and are passed down via social learning.

Do chimpanzees have traditions?

Scientists have long thought that chimp groups retain traditions in the same manner that humans do: by imitating one another.

What is the main problem of urban area?

The main factors are a scarcity of building materials and financial resources, an insufficient expansion of public utilities into sub-urban areas, poverty and unemployment among urban immigrants, strong caste and family ties, and a lack of adequate transportation to sub-urban areas, where most of the vacant land for new construction is located.

What causes urban poverty?

high levels of population growth during crisis times; high and persistent levels of inequality (incomes and assets), which reduce the beneficial effects of economic development; and

How does the modern world system affect ethnographers?

What is the impact of the current global system on ethnographers? They must understand that whatever culture they are studying is impacted by and influences other civilizations. What phrase describes money or resources put into a firm with the goal of making a profit? You just finished learning 39 terms!

How did working conditions change throughout the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution increased the number of job options. Factory wages were greater than those earned by farmers. As factories grew more common, more managers and staff were needed to run them, increasing the number of positions available and total earnings.


The “which of the following statements about groups with the patrilineal-patrilocal complex is false?” is a question that asks whether there are any cases where local communities use modern technology to preserve and revise their traditions. It also asks which of the following statements about groups with the patrilineal-patrilocal complex is false?

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The “domestic-public dichotomy refers to the separation of” is a concept that has been present in Western society since the late 18th century. This concept was created by Immanuel Kant, and it refers to how there are two different types of people: those who live in the domestic sphere (the private sphere) and those who live in the public sphere (the public). Reference: the domestic-public dichotomy refers to the separation of.

  • among societies exhibiting the patrilineal-patrilocal complex in highland papua new guinea,
  • what is meant by the term feminization of poverty?
  • anthropological research of gender roles in many cultural settings around the world show that:
  • the specific roles assigned to each gender vary from culture to culture.
  • all of the following are examples of key forces in modern global culture except
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